Comprehensive Plan

City of Nolanville Partners with Texas A&M -Texas Target Cities

The Nolanville Comprehensive Plan provides a guide for the continued growth of the city. This document was developed by Texas Target Communities in partnership with the City of Nolanville.

The City of Nolanville has reached a turning point in its history, as it is in a period of rapid growth. The city doubled in population from 2000 to 2010, and is projected to continue growing.


Nolanville is near Fort Hood in proximity and has the potential to annex large amount of undeveloped land. As Nolanville continues to grow, The Nolanville Comprehensive Plan will provide direction for future development.

The City of Nolanville and Texas Target Communities partnered to create a task force to

  represent the community's goals

The goals focus on factors of growth and development that include: community facilities/infrastructure, economic development, transportation, housing, parks/open space, and environment. 

Comprehensive Plan Revision 8.25.2016


A Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan identified concerns with planned alternate cement truck route. References to this alternate route were removed.  Heavy Truck traffic can be removed from FM 439 Spur at any time the City chooses to designate it as a residential road and assume maintenance.  The designation to residential does not require the City to determine an alternate route.  The edit was reflected on maps Figure 4.31 and 4.34.  

Preferred Land Use Plan, Figure 3.20 was revised to uncolor red color roads since it was not reflected in a legend.